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Are you a stress – carrier?

I was born a stress – carrier

I carried not just my worries but others’ too. Over the years this stress manifested in numerous accidents, body aches, migraines & many ailments which had no reason to occur

One day, I decided to seek help. I spoke to people, joined support groups & finally began meditation

Till date Meditation has been that one life savior for my stress & unfounded worries. Anyone can meditate anywhere in any state. Amidst noise, with music, while walking

There are a lot of myths around it. The only truth to it is that it requires sitting in silence, mindfulness & discipline that very few can master

Some things that might help you manage your stress

– Slow breathing while cooking. Mostly cooking is a solitary venture, hence conducive to meditation

– After hitting the snooze button, when you really do not want to get out bed, is a good time to ponder on the day ahead & to meditate for a calm start

– Mindfulness during your lunch breaks, coffee breaks. It leads to being more aware & more in control of our body

– Giving to others – Listening to meditation & muscle relaxation videos

– Focusing on one’s breath

What is your meditation?