We work with our clients in creating endless possibilities of growth by overcoming setbacks & using adversities as stepping up challenges to rise like the proverbial phoenix. Orange of the Pinwheel illustrates energy, effervescence, positivity & the attitude of making change happen. The 3 pins of the wheel indicate our framework of Believe, Be & Beyond; we draw satisfaction from lighting the fire of passion & grit in our clients to make them ‘Believe’ that change is indeed a possible way of life.
Our Pinwheels framework talks about our belief in the philosophy that when organizations & individuals are given a stage of freedom, free space, unfettered Learning environment they almost always bloom & grow. Our Pinwheels indicate free flow, breezy innovation & unwound hearts to create ripples of change.
Once our valued clients cross the stage of ‘Believe’, we work with them on the ontological levels of ‘Be & Being’ to move them towards Inner transformation & fearless success. We then influence & enable them to look ‘Beyond’ to be a newer version of themselves.
Our expertise in Organizational & People Transformation Areas:
Business Consulting
Business Consulting
Executive Hiring-who-are-we
Executive Hiring
Leadership Consulting-who-are-we
Leadership Consulting
People Consulting-who-are-we
People Consulting
Technology Consulting-who-are-we
Technology Consulting
Learning Consulting-who-are-we
Learning Consulting
We believe that every individual is a Leader in her own capacity who can be invested-in to better herself for organizational & personal efficacy. Hence, our Leadership Coaching aims to ‘bring out’ the Leader in individuals. We advise & consult in various intersection areas of Technology & Human Resources. We believe people make or mar organizations & hence enabling them to harness their fullest potential is sacred water for us. We work with our clients in deep areas of Organization Effectiveness through areas of pre-post mergers for Cultural Integration, Change Management, Training Facilitation, various facets of Talent Management including the end to end cycle management of Talent (from creating a lasting employee experience, hiring till Exits), Learning & eLearning.