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It is not observations that surround us, but insights that have the power to transform how we see things.

One similar insightful observation was made by psychologist Bluma Zeigarnik of restaurant waiters taking orders from customers.

She noticed that waiters seemed to remember incomplete orders more than those which have been paid for.

And thus, was born the Zeigarnik effect which states that an activity that was interrupted seems to be remembered more easily than an activity that was completed.

This psychological phenomenon helps us beat procrastination.

The idea is to break your study/work time into small sessions (say, 20 mins each).

Set small goals for this time & then set a timer for 20 mins.

Try to achieve your 20-min goals.

Since according to the Zeigarnik effect unfinished items get stuck in your memory more than the complete ones, chances are you would actually pick up the task divided into 20-min time periods & work towards completion.

The idea is to ‘start’ & to be driven towards completion by the discomfort you feel from having your work left at cliffhangers.

Wondering what next?

Move towards doing it!

How do you move past procrastination? Thoughts?