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There was a phase of my life when I was miserably low on confidence. Anything I did turned to dust. I was rejected by jobs, rejected by someone I was stuck up with all through my childhood, my grades fell & I lost myself.

It was an abyss of despondence, unhappiness with myself & constant dependence on others – I was anchoring on others & survived on crutches.

I was on an self-imposed exile, lonely & I hated company, I was angry, bitter & filled with a hateful heart. I shut myself out to opportunities & suffered from huge performance anxiety.

When fear grips you, everything fails you. When the heart is calm, sorted & confident internally, everything falls into place. I could not attract this calm nor could I get in touch with myself.

Finally, after years of adversity & low self-esteem, I figured how to stop the chatter & control my mind, I moved ‘inward’. I learnt to love myself by looking within.

Precious learnings

  1. Rejections & losses are good, they change our internal compass
  1. The trick is to change our narratives & ruthlessly edit what we feed ourselves
  1. Be very mindful of your inner chatter, it defines your life

What do you feed yourself?