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Last year they promoted me, this year they say there is no role for me.

They want me to hire my replacement, they say the role mandate has changed.

They have asked me to look for another job in the next 2 months

Job Security is a major source of insecurity, fear & stress today. As human beings, we all seek comfort, security & peace.

Don’t let an insecure job environment define you. We can learn to handle this & learn to be happy even when out of work.

  1. Continue working on yourself & building on existing happiness levels. Caring for oneself holds utmost importance. Direct time to do things that make you happy, & provide you comfort.
  1. Be calm, positive & more cheerful in handling situations. There are bound to be circumstances that test your boundaries & your patience. Handle such situations with care & sensitivity. Different situations require different perspectives & solutions.
  1. Get 8 hrs of sound sleep. Sleep impacts mood more than you realise. Often between work hours, stress of another day & personal responsibilities, our days tend to become longer. When you are sleep-deprived, you often lose focus, & lack creativity & inspiration to work. So, sleep well & sound.
  1. Exercise calms & relaxes one. Get at least 60 mins of sweat & sunshine each day. Physical healthcare should be one of your top priorities. Considering work from home, sitting in front of a screen for 7-9 hour a day is bound to affect your health. So, go for a run, sit in the sun & keep your body moving.
  1. Connect with people even when you do not feel like attending elaborate social networking events. This may lead to more job prospects. It is always good to have a network of people from your field as well as others.
  1. Take online courses & Upskill yourself. There are plenty of courses available online that help you streamline & build your resume.
  1. Between personal & professional life, your brain juggles between different thoughts. Declutter your head & focus on what you can do to become a better version of yourself.
  1. Count your blessings. Be grateful for what you have.
  1. And be a seeker, keep looking & learning with hunger. Don’t settle for less. Always aim for more.

How would you handle such a situation?