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I gave it my all, yet it was considered to be what is simply expected of me & my role

I am fed up. I do everything at home. Nobody shares my responsibilities

I pull myself out even in my illness to be available for emergencies at work, yet no one values me

We hear a lot of this. I have felt unappreciated, unwanted & unloved too, at work & personally

It is human nature to want recognition, appreciation & that pat on our backs

Praising someone for their good work, ethics & behaviour takes a lot of grace. Most people are not appreciated nor praised for their efforts

This is mostly because most people don’t know how to praise someone, don’t slow down to appreciate someone or just don’t consider it important

Some tips for appreciating another which worked for me

– Just notice, call out what you feel, specifically the positives

– Be specific. Vague praise seems shallow & unthoughtful, sounds like flattery, be real

– Be honest. Praise things/efforts that you noticed. Be sincere

– Never mix appreciation & favor. It seems like a setup & loses its impact

– Beware of people seeking an honest opinion. It is often a cry for reassurance

How do you appreciate? What appreciation did you receive that had an impact?