We, at BlewMinds believe in harnessing the power of Influencer Marketing to build a strong brand identity by reaching out to the right audience with the right information at the right time. We support Organizations to build credible brand presence & bring in brand success by driving intelligent marketing communications across their digital customer touch points & social media channels. Our goal is to partner with Organizations in their Marketing & Branding Strategy by building a distinguished presence & competitive advantage for their Brand which reaches, resonates & ushers Brand recall with the intended audiences across the seven seas. Influencer Marketing is channelised by BlewMinds through Brand StoryTelling, Brand Renewal, Marketing Strategy & Marketing Communication services.

BlewMinds also works in the deep space of Primary & Secondary Market Research which is instrumental for Influencer Marketing & related Organizational Brand Building interventions. It deploys both qualitative & quantitative frameworks to provide deep insights on products & services across clients & is crucial for Influencer Marketing. We use intelligent unconventional techniques including Mystery Shopping, Focus Group Discussions, Behavioural Interviews, Critical Incidents, Crucial Conversations, Psychometrics, Confidential Stakeholder Interviews, Exit Interviews & People/Information Analytics to identify problem statements & also drive productive results for our clients, thus strengthening their Brand perception & image as an Influencer, Early Adopter or Harbinger.


BlewMinds also focuses on helping organizations build their Brands, productively.


Influencer Marketing

  • Influencer marketing on Platforms like LinkedIn + Twitter + online & offline events
  • Separate handles for Leaders/Founders/CXOs to achieve Social Media Influencer or Thought Leader status in tandem with the brand.
  • Ghost writing on varied platforms by BlewMinds for consistent Influencer or Thought Leader recognition & credibility
  • Branded blog summits/events: from industries – media, public speakers, corporate leaders
  • Brand Stories & Micro Stories posted through our Founder’s handles (500K Followers & 170 Million views)
  • Over 3500 stories & 35K hours of writing; our Founder is also awarded the title of LinkedIn Top Voice India 2019; LeaderHum’s Top 200 Biggest Voices in Leadership 2023


Content Marketing

  • Platforms for content handling: emails + direct meetings + client pitches + internal & external stakeholders
  • Content for Articles, Publications, NewBytes, New letters, Blogs & Whitepapers
  • Content for Research Papers, Brochures, Flyers, Infographics
  • Market research initiatives for relevant Content Marketing interventions
  • Theme based content

Digital Marketing

  • Platforms for digital marketing: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Quora & Twitter (Including other related platforms)
  • Official pages
  • Brand & product related posts & indirect selling for seamless Digital Marketing

Organizational Branding

  • Telling your Organization’s story powerfully – Building your organizational culture & brand.
  • Powerful Presentations – Building your organization Communication Strategy i.e. the voice of Organization Brand.
  • Building & nurturing your Organization’s Brand Stories – Customer Value generation & growth.
  • Marketing & Communications to reap the benefits of strong organizational branding, recall & continual loyalty.

Personal Branding

  • Personal Branding done by our EEE model – EEE Model of Entice, Engage, Educate.
  • Executive Impact to reinforce Personal Branding – The Intent Vs Impact juggle.
  • Executive Presence (pivotal for Personal Branding) – Speak up, Take Action, Be Noticed.
  • Personal Transformation – Become a new fearless, self-sufficient & agile you.

Social Media Branding

  • Building your Social Media presence.
  • Utilizing the CSS model of Character, Substance & Style to make your mark on social media.
  • Increasing your Social Media outreach, becoming an Influencer, building your Social Media visibility & marketing yourself better.
  • Helping you express without actually speaking; on all relevant social media platforms.