Stories have power; the art of storytelling lives in anyone who has the passion & hunger to learn. Stories delight, enchant, touch, teach, recall, inspire, motivate & challenge. They help us understand & empathize. Effective storytelling imprints a picture on our minds. Consequently, stories often pack more punch than sermons.

Want to make a point or raise an issue? Tell a story – Janet Litherland.

Simply put, Corporate Storytelling is the art of communicating feelings, data & information, using experiences & narratives to express yourself effectively in the corporate world or even in a professional setting. Corporate Storytelling requires creativity, connecting the dots, imagination, being honest with oneself, self-disclosure & the deep ability to bare one’s heart completely without any fears of vulnerability.

  • Storytelling is a powerful medium of experiential learning since it emulates particular responses from the brain & ‘lights up’ more parts of the brain than factual reporting & logic.
  • Storytelling commands attention from an otherwise wandering audience & hence improves retention of what is being told, shared or narrated.
  • Storytelling can change the brain’s chemistry – allow the listener to learn vicariously & discover lessons seemingly on their own.
  • Effective storytelling can feed the human mind & heart which craves emotional connection. We simply are not moved to action by data dumps, dense PowerPoint slides or Spreadsheets packed with figures. When we see or hear factual arguments, we become logical, critical & skeptical. But when we are absorbed in a good story, we drop our guards! Paradoxically, today, Storytelling is also about communicating our logic, data, heavy information, facts, figures with stories woven together with powerful narratives.

At BlewMinds, we work on the ‘Inside’ to make stories powerful on the ‘Outside’ so that powerful storytelling becomes your second nature. We focus on the individual side of Personal Branding, the business side of Organization Branding & the market side of Social Media Branding. Together, these 3 tenets put together become a powerful deployment ground of Storytelling to impact, influence & inspire.

We help clients develop strong abilities in Storytelling through Logos (Logic), Pathos (Emotions) & Ethos (Culture & Values). We help you better your skills of influencing, winning relationships & effective stakeholder management through long term Global Story Coaching frameworks.


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