Brand Relations

  • Platforms: Media coverage (newspapers, magazines, internet, radio & television) + Social Media platforms
  • Product & service awareness, promotions
  • Client’s Content/USP/MVP identification & public release
  • Blog postings & guest posts on influencers’ blogs & websites
  • CSR initiatives & promotion
  • Employee Branding: workshops on company policies, brand USP, brand offerings, branding statements, cultural integration

Thought Leadership

  • Platforms: Online & offline events, conferences, roundtables & webinars (YouTube, Instagram & other social media platforms)
  • Audience:
    • Suppliers & Vendors
    • Competitors
    • Existing & potential clients & customers
    • Shareholders & Investors
    • Influencers & Speakers
  • Theme based activities: Conferences, Road Shows, Exhibits, CSR Initiatives etc

Public Relations

Good PR (Public Relations) is all about intelligent implementable creative strategy that goes into building & selling a brand & its story. We at BlewMinds help organizations to build/maintain unique & positively powerful public relations. We help in managing communication between an organization & their external/internal stakeholders.Through our public relation strategies, we facilitate in shaping stakeholder perceptions & spreading their stories to masses. We believe that maintaining relationships with consumer, community & stakeholders is essential for building a sustainable brand. We are here to support organizations build a distinguished public relations model through conventional & unconventional sources of Public Relations – press releases, media communications, digital branding campaigns, StoryTelling, industry events/townhalls/conferences – backed with a deep understanding of consumers & markets they operate in.

If I only had two dollars left, I would spend one dollar on PR. – Bill Gates

Thought Leadership

We facilitate organizations build brand affinity & further their brand recall through Thought Leadership. We help them in their customer (internal/external) journey, enable brand positioning & unique brand building by curating powerful content, stories & narratives. This also includes enhancing their virtual/external image as well as their internal brands (amidst employees/stakeholders), thus enabling them to become a Thought Leader in their journey. Our cerebral & impactful content enables our clients to walk the talk as an authentic brand & as a thought leader. We work around our clients’ strengths & facilitate development in areas of need. As a part of the intelligent work we do in the Thought Leadership space, we aim to enable our clients’ impact, influence, engage & enrich their relationships.

Thought Leaders express thoughts that shake up the status quo – Jill Celeste