Last Updated: 21.02.2023

We, at Blew Minds Consulting LLP (herewith referred to as ‘Blew Minds’), are committed to upholding the user’s online privacy and vouch for complete confidentiality while receiving, warehousing and using the user’s personal information for the purpose of facilitating the user with best experience for all services availed on this platform. The Privacy Policy (henceforward “Policy”) aims to clarify the nuances involved in data collection, usage and dissemination for the purpose of availing services on this platform. Users visiting this platform would, for the purpose of this Policy, be referred to as ‘You’/’Your’ henceforward. This Policy holds good for everybody who visits the platform or who’s information is received by us in connection with the services availed. 

Data received from you will be stored and processed wholly or partly in India. If you access the Blew Minds website and its associated services from anywhere outside India, it will be understood that you consent to your data being transferred outside of your country and into India. 

It is understood that when you visit our website, register an account, avail our services, fill the contact form and/or make any purchases from the Website, you warrant to voluntarily share your personal information including, but not limited to, your name, email ID, mobile number, address and/or credit/debit card information to facilitate the process. 

If you do not agree with any or more part(s) of this Privacy Policy, we recommend you stop using our website and/or services immediately. 

The following sections describe our Privacy Policy in all sincerity and completion. 

1. Information Collected from You

  • Information Collected from You when you Register as a User

When you register to create an account on our website, we collect information such as your name, email address, contact details etc. to authenticate your identification as a registered user and to offer you an optimal user experience for the services you avail through our website. In addition to the data voluntarily submitted by you on our website, we may also collect information such as your IP address, Internet Service Provider, Internet browser details etc. to offer you our services and to enable analytics.

You also have Google sign-in option available to register yourself as a user on our website. By choosing “Sign in with Google” as your registration option, you understand that we will be able to identify you by your registered profile.

Our third-party vendor including, but not limited to, Razorpay, may ask for your credit/debit card details if you wish to purchase one or more services from our website. We do not collect or utilize any payment details and hold no accountability or liability for any payment related errors.

  • Information Collected at Other Times

We may collect information such as your name, email id, mobile number, payment details etc. at such times including, but not limited to:

  1. When you fill out our Contact Us form

  2. When you sign in using the “Sign in with Google option”

  3. User Interaction information, i.e., information on the content you have interacted with on our website and the Call-to-Action buttons you have engaged with. This information will help us show you similar and/or directly relevant content to enhance your user experience and navigability on our Website. You understand that the user interaction information we collect from you is transferred to third party vendors, advertising partners, analytics providers and social media sites for two years or until you decide to withdraw consent from sharing your personal information for the purpose of providing and/or improving our services. Please note that the information transmitted to advertising partners and analytics providers may be facilitated via cookies and tracking technologies.

  4. Information from publicly available sources such as your social media handles and websites.

  5. Mobile Information – you understand that if you access our website through a mobile device, we may have access to additional information including, but not limited to, your registered mobile number, unique device identifier, your GPS/geo-location, your text messages, user name, contacts/address book, payment details, photos, web browsing history, your device name, passwords, personal interests, religious and political beliefs etc.

2. Use of Information

The information you share with us and the additional data we have access to, will be used in all confidentiality, for the purpose of providing you with the service(s) you have availed and to enable us to improve our product. We will use your information for no other reason other than those listed above and will not violate your Data Protection Rights under the Indian Law.

Based on your purpose for interacting with us, we may use your information for the following purposes:

  1. Protecting your data, providing you with customer support and managing your account

  2. The information collected via Cookies and Tracking Technologies will be used to enhance your overall user experience and to improve the quality of our services. When showing you tailored ads, no identifiers from cookies and tracking technologies will be associated with such sensitive categories as sexual orientation, religious beliefs, race etc.

  3. Improving our Website & its content to be able to serve you better

  4. Conducting market research & surveys with our Users to improve our services

  5. Marketing & promotion of our services

  6. Preventing, detecting, investigating, protecting and taking action against unlawful activities, theft, suspicious user behaviour, suspected fraud or violation of our Terms of Services in any jurisdiction/location.

  7. Enabling user identification, diligence checks & government sanctioned screenings

  8. Exercising & defending legal rights in case of legal proceedings and seeking legal or professional advice in relation to such legal proceedings.

  9. Enabling employees/service providers with information about you in order to serve you better.

  10. Sending a welcome email note and for verifying your username and password credentials.

  11. Communicating with you regularly regarding our services, promotions, blogs etc.

The nature and frequency of such communication will depend on the content of the communication and your preferences. You may opt out from receiving such communication at the time of registration or may withdraw from receiving such communications at any time.

Please note that we may, for reasons of providing some of our services, may supplement your personal information with information we obtain from third party sources. We also reserve the right to disclose and transmit your personal information as required by law and when we believe such disclosure will protect our rights and/or will comply with the legal process served on our website.

3. Cookies & Other Tracking Technologies

We use Technologies like cookies and tags to enable us with information about your preferences basis your previous and current activity on our site. Cookies and tags also enable us to compile and collate site traffic and site interaction data. This facilitates us with improving the performance of our services and user experience on our website.

You may choose to turn off all cookies in your browser settings or may limit/modify your cookies. However, by doing so, you may hamper with your site experience as you would have confounded your user experience by turning off your cookies. We use Google Analytics to perform site analytics.

4. Third Party Information Disclosure

We disclose your personal information to third party partners for such reasons as:

  1. Complying with a government entity and for legal reasons and proceedings

  2. Protecting the legal rights of Blew Minds Consulting LLP

  3. Preventing and protecting against criminal offences and activities

  4. Protecting the rights of our users

  5. Offering useful analytics data to improve the site experience and offered services

Your personal information will not be shared with third party vendors and partners for any reasons other than those listed above. We do not transmit your personal information for any other reason, whatsoever.

5. Managing & Securing your Personal Information

We are committed to safeguarding your personal information and adhering to the Data Protection and Privacy Laws in India to allow a seamless, safe and efficient usage of all our services and offerings.

  • Confidentiality & Security

Protection of your data is our topmost priority and we have appropriate resources at our disposal to enable us with the same. We ensure alignment with all our external service providers, third party vendors and partners in following our data protection and user security standards, on priority.

Our standards for Data Protection sit in compliance with the Information Technology Act, 2000 and the amendments thereof, and its associated Rules and Regulations to ensure data security and confidentiality. We have viable and trustworthy physical, electronic and procedural mechanisms in place to safeguard your personal information, abiding by the Law of India. By accepting this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service as stated in our Terms of Services Policy, you agree that the data protection and security processes we abide by are enough to safeguard your personal information optimally and reasonably.

In addition to our privacy and security standards, you as a user are solely responsible for the protection of your account by a securely set password. You are expected to keep your account secure with a password known only to you as the user of the account. If you share your password with an external person/entity/organization, your control over who has access to your personal information would be severely affected. If, in such a scenario, your personal information is misused/leaked, you shall be held accountable for it solely. We do not hold any accountability for the protection of your password. Please note we do not save any passwords in our database. You and those with whom you share your password voluntarily are the only bearers of your password.

  • Changing/Revising your Personal Information

You may modify/change your personal information as required by you on our website. We do not modify the information provided by our users. To enable yourself with optimal user experience in our website, we advise you to make any required changes, as soon as a need for such change is felt.

  • Your choices about the Usage/Dissemination of your Information

The data we collect from you is retained by us to ensure efficient repeat of our website by you until you delete your account or communicate your dissent for our usage of your personal data (only for reasons stated elsewhere in this Privacy Policy). You email us at [email protected] to communicate your dissent and we will process your request within 2 work weeks of receiving such communication from you. In addition to processing your request, we can also provide you with such information as: what personal data was collected by us, how was this data used, list of third-party vendors/partners who had access to your information and how were they using your information. Blew Minds can also enable you with corrective remedial actions (such as change/deletion of data), if required, in cases such as inclusion of wrong/incomplete/inappropriate personal information to our database. 

You also reserve the right to change the information in your account or delete your account permanently, as the case may be, by logging into your account and taking the required steps. You may email us at [email protected] in case you need any help with the same.  

Further, before sharing the personal information requested by you, Blew Minds reserves the right to authenticate your identity by running background checks as deemed necessary. Blew Minds also reserves the right to deny/limit access to personal data, changing/deletion of personal data if doing so violates another user’s rights/safety basis the applicable law. 

In case Blew Minds is unable to process your request within 2 work weeks of its receipt, an acknowledgement email will be sent to you for the same along with timelines, as required, to process your request.  

6. Third Party Links

Blew Minds reserves the right to, at its own discretion, include/offer third-party products on its website which will have their own privacy policies. Blew Minds holds no accountability for the content in the privacy policies of such third-party products. However, to protect the personal information and rights of the users, Blew Minds along with these third-party vendors like Google use first party cookies like Google Analytics cookies and third-party cookies/other third-party identifiers to enable collection of user interactions data with ad impressions and other ad services, as on the Website.

7. Updates & Reviews of the Privacy Policy

Occasionally or once every 12 months, whichever is shorter, we shall review the Privacy Policy and might make some relevant changes to it to update its terms. We shall notify users about any such change by posting communication about the same on our website. You are expected to check the website regularly for any such updates.

8. Disclaimer

We do not store your bank account details, credit/debit card details or any other payment details. We hold no responsibility for any loss/damage caused to the user due to their voluntary disclosure of personal information, account details or credit/debit card details to an external person/entity/organization.

In case any user shares any kind of personal information/data with us that was not requested by us at the time of registration, we hold no accountability for the security of such data.

9. Contact Us

If you have any concerns with any parts of this Privacy Policy, you may email us at [email protected]