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These furry beings are everyone’s favourites. They are the best friends anyone can ask for.

They come in all shapes, sizes & if you ever had them as pets, you’ll know that sometimes family isn’t just our blood relatives.

Who doesn’t love dogs?

They are the most wonderful creatures- fierce, loyal, protective & extremely lovable.

What makes them so adorable? It is their ability to melt our hearts with their wiggling tails & the unconditional love that they shower upon us.

Well, our canine comrades teach us so many little yet important lessons of life.

Unlike us humans who have complex thoughts rattling around our minds all the time, these furry beings rather live in the moment, they are carefree & have mastered the art of mindfulness.

Dogs love & accept everyone unconditionally & non – judgmentally, they love without expecting anything in return, something we all need to do more often. We may have often heard the phrase ‘all we need is love’. And dogs teach us exactly that.

They are loyal. They know you, recognise you & their instinct is to always protect you. It is often said that dogs can remember their owner’s scent for years. Some have even travelled miles in search of their loved ones.

When you leave for work each morning, they will greet you with the same tail-wagging, jumping & woofing elation every time you return home.

They teach us the importance of having someone’s back- especially our loved ones. To care for them & to protect them from any harm.

They are simple, find happiness in small things & that’s all that matters to them. Something we wish we all could learn. Grand, over-the-top gestures have become so common these days that we often forget how small acts of kindness, something as simple as a smile, can light up anyone’s day.

They teach us to love in the moment. Yes, life is tough. Yes, we have problems. But when you look at it, you have only one life. Your days must be filled with how you live the present rather than worrying about your future & regretting things from the past.

What have you learned from dogs?