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Life Lessons from Starfish – Spirit Animals Campaign

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The star-like fabulous starfish, often found washed up on the ocean shore is a sight to revel, as it lays outstretched by the side of the sea showing us that stars, after all, do fall on Earth.

Also known as sea stars, the starfish is not just beautiful but also a symbol of grace, self-renewal & love. The sea being home to thousands of creatures, starfish is no exception to hungry predators.

Even when it manages to get away, it may lose a limb or two. Here, the most striking feature of the sea star is regeneration, which means that it possesses the ability to regrow the damaged parts of its body.

Most species of starfish can regenerate & continue to radiate elegance after they rise & recover from their dilapidated state.

Amputated arm? A lost limp? Or two? That is no big deal. The sea stars got this!

In their evolutionary capabilities & brilliance, the sea stars stand as perfect lessons in regeneration & self-renewal.

They teach us to take our pain, create love & healing out of it. There may be times in our lives where everything seems broken beyond repair. In those times, inspired yourself with the sea stars. Align yourself with its determination to not give up & continue to grow & thrive in your environment.

They teach us that whatever life has given us – pain, heartbreak, or dilapidation – does not have to come out the same way. Each hurdle can be crossed & each challenge can be overcome.

The starfish teaches us to believe in our transformative ability, to be guided by love & to turn our sadness into beauty, self-love, growth & healing. Life isn’t fair. And much like the deep & vast oceans, there will be undertenancies out there. It is up to us that we do not deter from our paths

Regenerate & Radiate!