You are currently viewing Traffic Jam of your Mind

If your mind is a traffic jam, your thoughts are cars stuck in the jam & you are a passenger waiting to get home.

The ‘cars’ keep coming in. They do not seem to stop!

You are tired & all you want to do is get in a car & get home.

If you look at this scenario, you have some interesting car options available:

  1. Cars that have broken down & are stuck on the side of the road – thoughts stuck in your head that do not help you get ahead in life. These are situations that you can do nothing about & yet you still ponder over them.

There are people, relationships in your life that just aren’t worth it. They aren’t allowing you to grow, to thrive. Rather, they are binding you in one place.

  1. Cars that are just standing on the side of the road because the driver is frustrated – stubborn thoughts that require you to sit & reason with them to get them going. But the question is, are they worth your time?

No matter how hard you try, you cannot try to get rid of such thoughts or situations. Therefore, it is better that you drop them from your life & move on to something better.

  1. Cars that are moving slowly but surely & are navigating through the jam – these are thoughts that require sustained attention & are productive for you.

Success doesn’t come in one night. Dreams aren’t achieved with the snap of your fingers. Rather all these processes take time, your dreams slowly build up in order to come true.

Don’t lose hope. Keep learning. Keep striving.

The best option to choose is option 3 as these are the cars (thoughts) that lead you home (your destination).

Sometimes, however, we ‘choose’ to sit in cars that have broken down or are stubborn. It is not our fault, really. It is just the confusion & frustration that the traffic jam has caused.

The best option is to calm your mind.

Get out of cars that do not take you home. Choose your car wisely.