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You do not have to move mountains to be an ‘invaluable asset’ to the world.

You do not have to go around saving people or make great scientific discoveries to add ‘meaningfully’ to the society.

The kind of agile world we are a part of & with the easy accessibility of social media, we are, at all times aware of what is happening around the world – good or bad. With new content going ‘viral’ every other day, we know what is going on in different parts of the world.

In this grossly bloated display of the world around, one might feel ‘too small’ or ‘too insignificant’. Millions of views on a video. Thousands of likes on a picture.

One might feel there is ‘no way’ one can serve the world & be seen as a ‘resource’. The standards of making a change have become so high, that we are often left wondering if what we do is making the world a better place. Whether our efforts are even contributing to something special or is it all just in vain.

This is where we got it wrong & this is where the ideology of ‘Meliorism’ comes to our rescue.

Meliorism is the idea that the world can be made a better place through unadulterated & honest human efforts.

The ideology holds up the belief that human effort – no matter how small – is a direct gateway to making improvements to the world in big leaps.

We are all trying to reach for one unanimous goal- betterment of humankind. Millions of people like you are taking small steps of progress, together it is bringing us all much closer.

One does not have to cure cancer to be ‘important’ (although, if you can, please do!)

but, even if one helps spread positivity, love & care in their own little world, they send out ripples of healing to the world.

We all must understand that every little step counts. Each step of kindness, generosity & empathy brings us all together,

And, when every human being does their bit, the world changes.

This is what makes you so important!