You are currently viewing “How will your colleagues describe you?”

This question seems simple but most people get it wrong.

There are 3 dimensions of this question.

1. How others see you: 2nd person perspective
2. How you think others see you: self-awareness
3. How do you communicate this: authenticity

Most folks share the answers in line with how they see themselves or shall I say how they want to project themselves. This is easy.

However, the self-awareness part comes through during the interview. The true picture emerges by the end of the interview. They answer the question without them knowing about it. This also throws light on their authenticity.

As one dissects their behaviour & their answers one finds the person behind the answers.

Another question I find very powerful is
“One example of when you failed badly?”

The answer to this question reveals the character of the person & his ability to confront his fears & be vulnerable. The other element is whether he can tell & face the truth. In some ways, it gives similar answers to the first question

What is your favourite interview question?
How would you answer these questions?

P.S: The interesting part is the body language of a person gives away the answer:)