You are currently viewing How to become an Influencer on Linkedin.

There are 3 Simple Steps:

1. READ: Read content in your feed on Linkedin. Improve your feed till you get the best content, this can be done by following the right people & organisations. This is adding value to yourself.

2. ENGAGE: Like, Share, Comment on the content you read. Be careful you dont overdo it or do it just because you want to be seen or out of habit.

3. CREATE: This is when you start creating your own content. Decide on topics & frequency to write on. Keep changing your style & content. Keep improving. The simple way to find out if you are doing well is to look at your profile views & the engagements on your posts. Post views can be misleading at times. This is your way of adding value to others.

If you can do CREATE continuously for 100 days you will become a micro Influencer. If you can do it for 1000 days you will become an influencer.

Which Step are you at?
Where are you stuck?