You are currently viewing Does the “#Opentowork” option on Linkedin help find a job?

These days we find several job seekers using this green circle option on Linkedin which shows on the profile picture.

But does it really help? Let us first look at stakeholders & how will they see it.

Recruiters: For recruiters, it makes their life easier because they can quickly find out if you are readily available. If it is an urgent requirement & you have the skills this will work very well.

Hiring managers: They will look at it thinking you lost your job during the pandemic. Those who are kind, considerate, empathetic will give a chance. Some managers will doubt if you were laid off due to performance issues. Many hiring managers especially those of large firms prefer to look at talent which is working currently.

#Opentowork creates a perception.

It totally depends on who is your target audience.

If you are pinging hiring managers directly & trying to network it may not be the best option.
However, if you are wanting to be headhunted it may work.

It may also work better for junior roles.
For mid to senior-level roles it may not help much, it may create a wrong perception.

Do you think #opentowork works?

P.S: Most large firms are not hiring currently