You are currently viewing The 5 Stages of Life:

I went through each one of them in this order

Stage 1: It is Possible
Stage 2: Is it Possible?
Stage 3: It may not be possible?
Stage 4: It is Impossible!
Stage 5: Make it Possible:)

This is what I went through in each phase:

Stage 1: Full of positivity & creativity
Stage 2: Fear & Greed
Stage 3: Insecurities, Finding Faults
Stage 4: Failure, Clinical Depression, Giving up
Stage 5: Unlearning, Abundance, Ownership, Action bias, Faith on self & universe, Power of Giving

Strangely I went through Stage 2,3,4 several times. I spent the most time in Stage 3, doubting myself & people around me. I kept finding faults just to justify my failures.

The least time I have spent so far is in Stage 5.
It is so strange I wasted so many decades of my life stuck in this strange pattern.

Which Stage are you at?
Where are you stuck?
What are you doing about it?

P.S: The funny part is no one can help us except us, all answers lie within