You are currently viewing The Do One Thing Surely (DOTS) challenge for you.

DOTS for one hour.

What ever you want to do just pick that One thing for today & do it for an hour.

In that one hour just do that One Thing with no distractions.

Dont think of tomorrow, or what you are missing out on, focus on DOTS for one hour today.

If you dont know what to PICK just pick anything it does not matter. Something you always wanted to do, something you have procrastinated till today, something you have left in between, or something that interests you, or something that you are good at.

It could be going to the gym, helping someone at work, completing a personal task, spending time with your family, pursuing a hobby, or even meditating, or thinking only positively.

Just do it for the joy of doing it, not with any goal or objective in mind.

When you have other thoughts distracting you while doing that One Thing, just become an observer of these thoughts without getting involved in them & see the thoughts go away. When you feed will grow.

No goals, no expectations, just pure action.

What would you PICK?

My DOTS is writing what is yours?

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