You are currently viewing “HOW TO REMOVE CONFUSION FROM MY LIFE?”

I asked my coach this question many years ago.

I was quite a confused soul with millions of thoughts running in my head.

He gave me a simple solution that I took to heart.

“Just Empty your mind on paper first. Write down all the confusions & thoughts running in your head.”

I started to write & it was so wonderful that I never stopped writing. I not only got clarity but all the confusions went away.

Once you empty your mind, the thoughts stop consuming you or you stop consuming your thoughts. You also start creating.

The journey from consuming to creating is beautiful.

Writing is also one of the simplest instruments of change.

The process is simple. Sit in a place where there is no disturbance. Put down every single confusion on paper. Write down your fears as well. Once the thoughts are on paper they will stop bothering you. When the mind becomes empty it also becomes several times more powerful.

Earlier I had so much running through my head I had to write for days to empty it. Now the process is much faster.

This simple process is what I follow every day & it works like magic. It also makes life so simple.

Do try it at home:)

Love to hear your thoughts on this.