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The story of an Ant!

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May 3, 2017  is when the ant started writing. There was no goal, just the desire to pursue what he loved to do.

It was a moment which is so beautifully described as the Butterfly effect or shall I call it the “ANT effect”.

So the ant began his journey. No one bothered in fact they ignored the ant’s work. The ant kept going.

The ant was laughed at, they said he was wasting everyone’s time. Many laughed at his silly stories. But the ant continued going.

The ant kept improving with the same routine every single day for hours every day.

Slowly the troller ants came once he started to do well. Maybe they thought how can this “Failure ant” do well.

The ant kept going.

The troller ants also gave up soon.

The ant just completed 950 days of writing.

The ant still does the same ritual every single day.

Writing from his heart & creating his own stories.

This is my ant story!

If you are a “Failure Ant” like me.

Just keep doing what you want to do

First they ignore you.

Then they laugh at you.

Then they fight you.

Then you win.

-Mahatma Gandhi