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The CTO of a mid-size product startup shared with me, how they were struggling for good talent. In the 2-5 years experience range finding good tech folks is virtually impossible today.

This is the scenario with all startups. The Indian job market is going through a strange phase.

Millions are unemployed because they don’t have the skills. Those that have the skills are few & everyone is running after them.

The jobless are waiting for someone will hire them.

The startups are waiting for someone goodwill to join them. It is a deadlock.

The strange thing being money is not the challenge, skills are, people are not skilled enough. This pattern started with tech but slowly it is happening for all industries & roles.

Finding good talent is like winning a lottery.

This is a huge shortage of talent.

Most jobless folks are spending time hunting for jobs but not picking new skills.

They are unable to understand why they are not getting jobs. Companies are fighting for survival.

What do you think?

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