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Do People Who Smile More Go Through More Pain?

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Do people who smile more go through more pain?

I have been thinking about this since yesterday.

Does a smile show happiness we have within?
Or is it a mask we are wearing?

I don’t smile a lot, which probably mirrors my internal reality. But for those who smile a lot, it must be tough, or maybe they have an amazing inner self that is always happy.

But the question is how can one always be happy?

Maybe we can, I definitely struggle with this.

But just imagine a person ever-smiling but unhappy within. Imagine the stress the person would be going through. He/she has to put up a brave face. It reminds me of a Ghazal by Jagjit Singh.

Maybe once it becomes a habit it is easy?
But can one mechanically smile all the time?

Does it help the person who is smiling?

I may not have answers to these.
Look forward to those who smile all the time to throw some light, please.

Do you smile all the time?
How do you manage it?
Is it tough or has it just become a habit?
Why are you not able to smile all the time?

P.S: It definitely helps those around the person who is smiling all the time:)