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Not many know this is what Steven Spielberg did as an unpaid unofficial intern in Universal Studios at age 17.

He showed up every day, sneaked into the studio several times, networked with everyone in every department.

No matter how many times he got thrown offset, he was determined to make it. This drive & dedication of 5 yrs soon paid off.

He filmed a short film Amblin, which was applauded by Universal, they offered him a 7 yr contract. He became the youngest director ever to be hired by the studio at 22.

His first amateur movie was with his dad’s camera at the age of 12.

Jaws his first blockbuster came when he was 28, almost 16 years after he made his first film.

As a kid, he was pimpled, wimpy, nerdy, bullied for his religion & also his looks they called him “the retard”. “I had found a way to accept myself in my own life by making movies, I had found what I was good at,” he said.

Have you found what you are good at?

What are you doing about it?

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