You are currently viewing “Are you seeking Clarity or Confusion?”

My coach asked me this question years ago.

We started to have a discussion “I am seeking clarity Are you sure? Yes, but why do you ask? Most of the time you keep saying you are confused. Are you wanting more confusion?”

He was right, I was confused most of the time.

His observation made me think. I started to observe people around, there were 2 types of people, those who were clear & those who were confused. But the question remained Are those who are confused seeking confusion?

Which is why they only get more confused over time or remain in confusion?

One day I was walking by a street I saw a garbage dump.

Everyone was throwing more garbage there. It was attracting garbage. It was the same logic with confusion, or money or relationships. We attract more of what we have. This is the law of attraction. I became aware & started to slowly move from confusion to clarity.

As I started to write, it helped me clear my mind. Once you put down the confusion on paper it is gone.

Confusion is also caused by fear & greed Are you seeking clarity or confusion? Are you attracting good people & situations? Are you attracting money?


P.S: What you seek is seeking you – Rumi