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The answer lies in the quote

“Ignorance is bliss” – Thomas Gray.

Intelligence or a sharp mind leads to chatter in the head, the chatter leads to confusion, confusion is the opposite of clarity.

And we would think that Intelligence should give us clarity, but strangely this is not the case.

Ignorance may come from the absence of knowledge. Now we would think knowledge should give us clarity. But knowledge is also the starting point of chatter. It biases us with what we know. The bias leads to chatter in the head.

Just imagine if you got to know about your former colleague who changed his job is now doing well. You will be forced to think & compare.
This will make you think of whether you did the right thing of staying back, whether you missed out.

As a child, I was clear in my thinking, as I grew the knowledge & experiences started to confuse me more.

The simple way to unlearning is letting go, which is just the opposite of basic human nature, to acquire. I was greedy hence I was not able to let go. The greed to have more confused me. There was also FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). This confused me more.

Once I let go of greed & fear I became clear.

This is the story of my confusion.

What is yours?