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“Discipline will take you to places, Motivation Can’t’.”

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What comes to your mind when you read this?

Did your mind rush back & remind you of all the times it was difficult to keep up with your goals, activities & routine. Was it hard to understand what was the reason for not following up on a routine?

The solution to this is to Stop looking for Motivation & Start inculcating Self-Discipline in life.

Motivation is: ‘ Why to do’.

Discipline is: ‘ What to do’.

Discipline is based on thinking & reason to create action – Motivation is more from emotion. It is a trick that our mind plays. Whereas, Discipline is a practice. Discipline is not dependent on how we are feeling.

According to Stephen Covey, “Only the disciplined are truly free. The undisciplined are slaves to moods, appetites & passions.”

Motivation can be channelized & used to help us stay Disciplined.

Life would become so undemanding & simple if we begin using Discipline as our performance meter & not wait for the stream of Motivation, we all keep looking for!

Stop Looking for Motivation. Use Discipline as your weapon to achieve your goals.

Have you been looking for Motivation?