You are currently viewing My boss called me into his cabin one day, started yelling at me

Work was getting stuck because he was sitting on approvals. He used to treat people badly, create rift & insecurity within the team. The business was going bad to worse.

I waited for 6 months, when things did not change, I realised I had to do something. I went to his manager but nothing happened. Then I went to the Global CEO.

My boss got a scolding from the CEO.

He became angry, called me & yelled for over 30 mins. I refused to respond, I was calm, I realised it was of no use. I left the organisation after I found a good opportunity.

I later heard the entire team left, he was fired along with his boss. He lasted only a few months in his next job, was fired there as well.

I realised he came into my life to teach me 3 lessons:

1. Stand up for yourself, no one will if you don’t, this builds character

2. There is a difference between reacting & responding, responding is the art of letting go

3. Bad people come into our life for a reason to make us learn/grow, I grew after this incident, so did my career

How did you respond to bad bosses?

Are you reacting or responding?