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Are you a Good Networker?

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Answer these simple questions in YES or NO:

1. You can reach most unknown people through your network of friends?

2. Do opportunities come to you without your asking?

3. Do people help you without your even asking them?

4. Do all your problems get solved quickly?

5. Do amazing work opportunities fall into you lap often?

6. Do you GIVE more than you TAKE?

7. You never go asking for help?

8. You never say “People dont help me”?

9. You have helped hundreds of people without expecting?

10. When you are in trouble everyone helps you going out of their way?

Count the number of YES

Where do you stand?
1. Viral Networker: 9-10 Yes
2. Good Networker: 7-8 Yes
3. Average Networker: 5-6 Yes
4. Poor Networker: 0-4 Yes

Networking is the power of abundance.
Those who have it attract even more.

What is your score?
Are you Giving more or Taking?

P.S: Having more connections is not networking