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Walt Disney famously said, ‘All our dreams can come true, if only we have the courage to pursue them.’

Dreams are nothing but a wireframe for what we wish to fit in our life photograph.

They give us hope, offer direction & make us believe in ‘something’. They give our lives a purpose, they drive us to reach for the goals we have set for ourselves.

But it is one thing to dream & another to go after your dreams.

This is because having dreams is giving yourself a ‘vision’ & is an attempt by you to align yourself with the Universe in ways that feed your soul. We are drowning in dreams, hoping to make them come true.

However, to chase your dreams is a display of effort, of developing & honing skills that would take you close to your bigger self-defined purpose.

To put it simply, dreaming is alignment – a wireframe – while chasing your dreams is a skill – it is what you ‘do’.

The doing part is difficult, though.

It requires persistence, motivation & discipline. It requires planning for the future patience for the results to roll out. It also requires time which is a scarce resource. Not all of us have it.

Here is something that might help:

You do not have to sit for long hours, day after day, trying to achieve your dreams.

Because, well, life happens, right? We all have ‘things’ to do- jobs to do, duties to fulfill & responsibilities to shoulder.

What we need to understand is that our dreams are important too. It is what your heart & mind wish for you to pursue. To achieve.

But what is possible is, to make some time – 15 mins, 30 mins, an hour.

Decide on that time, direct all your energy & focus towards it, & plunge forward. Allow your creativity to flow, your mind to wander.

The idea is to float your boat for it to get ‘somewhere closer’. Closer to the shore that is your dream, your goal.

The idea is to move from ‘thinking’ to ‘doing’. To move from dreaming to pursuing.

How are you chasing your dreams?