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One of the fondest memories we have as kids is – finding our way to the toffee jar kept hidden from us in the kitchen cupboard.

Remember when we used to rummage through the cupboard to look for the jar?

And when we found it, we filled our hands with as many as we could fit in our tiny hands.

This was the sweetness of childhood.

We left our childhood behind but our cravings continued.

Our dreams are akin to the toffee jar, hidden away by the Universe to teach us lessons in patience, discipline & humility.

Oftentimes, despite looking everywhere, we cannot find the toffee jar.

And, at that moment, all we can think about is how we deserve more than the struggles we are being made to endure.

Hold that thought, though.

For the Universe is trying to give you a message:

When we focus only on the hardships we are facing in locating the toffee jar, we tend to forget the reason why we started.

We started with a desire – a wish to have the best time as we dig our hands deep in the jar & find joy.

This was our starting point.

And when you are able to remind yourself of this, you will begin to attract abundance as the Universe gives you hints & leads you to the treasured toffee jar.

Give it time.