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The Story of a Salesman !

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My dad started his career as a salesman and that is how he ended his career.

There was a sales contest in his company every year and he would always come first. One year his managers and colleagues who used to be jealous got him posted to East India so that he could never come first. East India was supposed to be the toughest place for business.

I remember my dad would drive 400-500 kms a day covering all cities and meeting all his customers. He would not talk about business, just have tea with every customer. Every week he would show his face to every customer which ever city they were in.

No business came for the first few months so I asked him

“Why dont you ask for business?”

He said “I dont need to, they know who I am, why I am here, that is enough”

His first 2 quarters were bad, but he continued on his plan, by the year-end, he slowly inched up to the first position again. He took east india on the company’s map.

I was amazed at what hardwork could achieve!

Where are you stuck on executing your plan?