You are currently viewing An amazing meeting with a Soldier

It was one of the most interesting conversations I had.

While we were talking to a soldier in the Indian Army he told me something beautiful.

He said I long for human touch.

I requested him to share more.

He said he was posted on the border

When I meet my commander I salute him

He salutes back

When I meet a soldier who reports to me

He salutes me and I salute back

He said handshakes are rare

Human touch is limited

What he said gave me goosebumps, he made me touch my inner self with just a few words. I started to feel instantly.

It is part of being a human being

Many of us forget this unknowingly.

I was amazed at how as a soldier he was able to communicate his feelings so beautifully.

He was so soft yet so strong, an amazing self aware leader. The soldiers that work for him will die for him any day.

It also made me reflect on how we have such freedom in our lives, because of a soldier who is sitting there in a bunker in minus 45 degrees celsius just making sure that our freedom remains.

Such sacrifice can only be done by amazing people.

A big salute to every soldier in the Indian Army.