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“If you could eliminate certain outside frequencies that interfered with our bodies,
we would have greater resistance toward disease”

Scientifically humans are energy bodies vibrating at different frequencies.

Scientist Tainio found the body resonates between 62 to 72 MHz when healthy. As the frequency drops to 58 Mhz disease happens, cancer begins at 42 Mhz.

In fact, every emotion is said has a frequency.

The days I feel low & depressed I become aware that I am vibrating at a lower frequency:

1. I consume negative thoughts – doubts & insecurities
2. I begin to find faults with people & situations, become a pessimist
3. Negative emotions overpower me – fear, greed, anger, guilt
4. I begin to eat unhealthy, processed food has 0 frequency
5. I dont feel like exercising & feel low on energy

Just the opposite happens when vibrating at a high frequency
1. I feel like giving to others & experience gratitude
2. I am able to create amazing ideas
3. I eat healthy & exercise
4. I am full of positive emotions

As per solfeggio frequencies, The third eye or intuition awakens at 963 mhz. 528 mhz is said to be the tone for healing. Probably why music heals.

What frequency are you vibrating at?
High or low?