You are currently viewing “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle”

Everyone is fighting their own battles.

These words changed the way I looked at life & lived life.

Powerful words show what the world is going through today.

At first, when I read it, I was surprised.

I felt “how can it be?”

I thought it was only me ?

How stupid of me.

As I looked around to see what others are going through I began to realise its true

I also realised how selfish I had been.

This quote was written several centuries ago but it still holds true.

Maybe this is what they call “Emotional Quotient or EQ” today

Open your eyes to see what others are going through

It will also make you realise how blessed you are!

Are you seeing what people around you are going through?

Are you being sensitive?

Are you being full of yourself?