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Is LinkedIn actually dying?

2 years ago when I started on Linkedin, it was all about Learning & Networking.

Now Linkedin seems more about Marketing & Entertainment.

The value that the platform was bringing is slowly diminishing.

With millions on the platform I see it all about monetising now.

People are marketing themselves to find jobs. Companies are trying to get clients. Entrepreneurs are using it to build their own brands.

Then there is this population of gurus & coaches trying to find clients.

It is slowly becoming noise. Who shouts louder wins.

I keep checking my feed & now I see a lot of Facebook content here.

I try to cleanup my feed regularly but it does not seem to be working!

Am I the only one or are you all also experiencing this.

Linkedin is trying to convert itself into a job portal & marketing platform. But I seldom hear of people finding jobs through linkedin. My guess is only 1% people find jobs through Linkedin. The remaining 99% stay in the hope of finding one.

Linkedin was supposed to be a Professional Networking platform.

The Professional bit is clearly going away with Facebook content.

I seldom see networking happening here.

Is Linkedin just going to become another marketing platform?