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Honorary Doctorate Degree for sale for 2000 Dollars

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Years back we were interviewing a candidate; he had done a degree from a private university through distance education.

One of my colleagues in the interview panel told me this university is fake.

I decided to check, probed, called them, they were willing to offer a degree for some money without even attending it.

Recently I got an email where one can get a honorary doctorate degree by paying 2000 usd. I was shocked to hear this.

As I probed more I found out that everyone who applies gets a doctorate degree if they submit some documents to showcase their work. They have tied up with universities which give this.

While this may be valid on paper, but just think about it, it takes several years of hardwork to get a doctorate degree. How can someone just get it by paying money?

Shouldnt an honorary doctorate be given to people without any monetary consideration if this is really to recognise their good work?

How can it be given on self nomination?

What are your views on education being sold like this?

Are Degrees about learning or just about buying them with money?

Would you like to get a degree like this?