You are currently viewing ‘Online’ Telephonic Interviews

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced everything to go online – education, jobs & our life, in general.

It is like watching your life play in front of you as if it were a movie & you – both the actor & the spectator.

With such a scenario, life does not come by easy. Jobs do not, either.

A shift has been seen in organizations’ recruiting practices.

‘Online’ is the new normal & telephonic interviews are the new hurdles perceived by those trying to get a job.

But, telephonic interviews cease to be scary if one prepares well.

Here are some tips that might help:

  1. Call someone before your interview to ensure there are no connectivity issues.
  1. Choose a quiet place to take your interview to reduce distractions.
  1. Read your interviewer’s voice & try to emulate it. If their tone is neutral, stay neutral. If they sound friendly, return the same energy.
  1. Smile! Your smile can be heard on the phone. Sit straight & dress for your telephonic interview. This will help you ‘feel’ more prepared.
  1. Keep a notepad handy & jot down any important points that you might need later. Be responsive!
  1. Say thank you & end the interview on a positive note.

How do you prepare for your telephonic interviews?