You are currently viewing Reflection of Life in Water

If you were asked to pick a water body that inspires you the most, what would you pick?

A river, perhaps?

Free-flowing & forward moving. Beginning from the tops & slithering through the lands- cities & forests alike. Always looking to become one with its larger purpose – the ocean.

That is inspiring. We all start somewhere & from there we grow. From a tiny little stream that emerges from the creaks of the mountains & then journeys across the countries & land to merge with the sea.

What about a pond?

An unfortunate fill of rainwater (perhaps) that is now stuck at one place.

Sounds discouraging but, if you think about it, it is an important source of inspiration for us. Think of the pond as you & the water it holds as every emotion, feeling & thought that you hold within.

Now imagine it is a very harsh day with the scorching heat of the sun burning up your surface. The heat is so strong that all your water evaporates & you run dry.

These are days in your life that are overwhelming & that make your cup run dry. Bad days are imminent & inevitable. As it is famously set, life is not a bed of roses. There will be hardships, loss & pain- on some days you will be overcome with emotion. You might even think of giving up.

And, then the next day it rains & you are filled with water to the brim.

These are days when you are brimming with positivity. Your cup runs over. Creativity flows through your head & your imagination runs places. Ideas pop in your head with the urge to play them out.

This is what a pond is – a reflection of you & how life is – both the good parts & the bad parts. The good days & the bad days. Life is often similar to a cycle- after the pain, you will always find reasons & ways to heal again.

But, like a pond, rest assured, whatever be your situation, it will change & you will be full again.