You are currently viewing Work from Anywhere – The New Normal

What if someone told you that you can work from anywhere? That you could simply open your laptop & start working from any place you are?

This would have sounded a little odd couple of years ago. We were all settled into a routine of getting up & rushing to get ready & go to work. But after Covid-19, this sounds just perfectly fine- or should we say normal.

Well, Work from Anywhere is a broad concept. It includes work from home/ office/ cafe/ mountains/ friend’s place or just anywhere.

While some people enjoyed WFH, some didn’t have the same feelings.

Some were happy they could now save on their travelling time, spend more time at home. The perks include staying close to your family while attending office from the comfort of your home. However, some people were sad as they couldn’t meet their colleagues & couldn’t go out.

Well, such are humans, everyone has different needs & everyone has different opinions.

Although it is essential to note that working from anywhere just provides the perfect flexibility, it caters to the different needs of different people. It gives freedom for people to work from a place where they feel the most productive & satisfied.

Quite often, the rush & monotony inside the workplaces can lead to an employee becoming overwhelmed. There is constant pressure in our surroundings to work effectively & swiftly.

In addition to that, employers are also realizing that some jobs can be done from possibly anywhere, thanks to technology. With the availability of various platforms such as Zoom, Teams & so on, it has become increasingly easy to keep up with employees who might even live halfway across the world.

They are now able to save on their real estate costs, hire global talent & witness an increase in employee productivity

A lot of companies have already started adapting the ‘Work from Anywhere’ policy.

Low costs. Global Reach. Plenty of talent.

Add to that the comfort of working from your home, productivity is bound to rise.

What do you think, is ‘Work from Anywhere’ here to stay?