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Life’s Little Lessons by our Co-Founder Ms. Vishwapriya Kochhar

How can I become better than him?

Why has she been promoted & not me?

When can I become like him? Why not sooner?

We have people thinking so & sometimes we think so too. Comparison with others – competing with others. We have been there. We have all done that.

They arise out of an innate desire to weigh our achievements on the scale of someone else’s victories.

How can we measure our lives in another’s context? Is this not complete toxicity towards our own souls & bodies? We fail to realize that there will always be someone above & below us. Instead of accepting & appreciating what we have, we tend to focus on what others do.

The journey that you are on is your own. You will not achieve success overnight. There will be doubts, mistakes, setbacks & other obstacles, but you need to allow yourself the ability to grow at your own pace.

Success & failure are like reflections in a mirror. We will never find the right self-image if we look at another’s reflection in the mirror. Never compare yourself to other people. Rather compare yourself to the person you were yesterday & the person you can be tomorrow.

It will only be an endless cycle of comparison, unhappiness & discontentment.

A happy environment can only be achieved if we become a better version of ourselves. Be kind to yourself, have faith & dream big.

Here’s what one can do:

  1. As an individual: if you have to compete, compete only with yourself. Upskill – Upgrade – Uplift yourself. Amass as much knowledge as you can & work towards bettering yourself.
  2. As a manager: Provide unbiased feedback, support struggling employees to come out of self-inflicted inferiority & aid them to work on themselves, for themselves. Allow them to thrive in their skills & knowledge, reward them for reaching goals.
  3. As a parent: Stop comparing your children with others. Help them get better every single day. Each child is different- with different dreams, talents & skills. They matter now, not just good marks.

Who are you competing with?