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“Nature is pleased with simplicity. And nature is no dummy.” – Isaac Newton

We have a lot to learn from Nature & especially from animals- survival, strength, adaptation.

Now, we as humans may have separated ourselves from the myriad of wildlife, we know that Earth is home to some incredible species. So, here we are launching the campaign #SpiritAnimals- which will focus on learnings from animals.

A slimy mass of headless green, occasionally with spots, occasionally with stripes, slithering through the forest, evoking fear for all beholders while all it does is slither gracefully through the mud-filled terrains of Earth.

A snake is, undoubtedly, an image of uncontained fear & commotion. It invokes alarm, even with a single sight.

But hidden under the cloak of a seemingly deadly creature is a vulnerable reptile – forever striving & ‘slithering’ its way towards renewal & transformation.

Snakes shed skin. They let go of their old scaled cover & let themselves be vulnerable & ‘out there’ to allow renewal to cover their bodies.

This is because the snake grows, but its skin does not. Therefore, the only choice left with the snake is to outgrow its ‘cover’ & move on.

A powerful lesson in the vulnerable transformative journey of life, thus, comes from the snake.

You must learn to let go of things that do not serve your purpose anymore. Whether its relationships, a person, a job, or memories. It is going to be the hardest step, but it will be the most important. It will take a lot of strength. It will require a lot of courage.

We often spend hours, days & weeks, analysing what we could have done right, how we could’ve done things differently. Somewhere along the way, we realize that its better to move on from it.

Letting go is hard – a very vulnerable soft spot to find yourself in, but getting stuck is worse. Once you decide to do it, your journey of healing and transformation will begin.

Your skin begins to decay & your body reeks of ‘complacency’.

Shed & move!