You are currently viewing Symbolism behind the famous painting : Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa – the imperishable masterpiece painted by the revered genius Leonardo da Vinci – has been a source of artistic pleasure & speculation for ages to answer one simple question – ‘What lies behind her mysterious smile?’

If you look at the painting closely, you would know, without a speck of doubt, that Mona Lisa is an embodiment of secrets so delicately held in the elegance of her stature that ‘she’ has, effortlessly, stirred a refractory storm in the art world.

However, maybe this was not the point? Not completely, at least. We got so lost in Da Vinci’s strokes, that we may have missed some of the things he was trying to convey.

The Mona Lisa, in an allowable turn of perspectives, teaches us a lesson in grace & solitude.

‘She’ adorns a smile so elegantly carried; it is difficult to not view the painting as an artistic rendition of bravery & of carrying secrets fearlessly.

Maybe the lesson is for all of us to be our personal Mona Lisa.

We all have hardships we do not tell others & heartbreaks that are still healing. We have all suffered from emotional pain which we don’t allow others to see. We have ownership over our feelings. They aren’t marred by others’ judgement.

However, to be your personal Mona Lisa is to carry forward the beacon of hope. To revel in the peace of solitude. To understand that we are all going through internal battles of our own, & our courage strengthens our resolve to win over them.

It is to tell yourself that despite my hardships, I am enough & that I will carry myself so gracefully, others cannot help but revel in my poise. It is to inspire others that life is full of hardships at every turn, but as long as they believe in themselves, & walk through them with their heads held high, they will always come out stronger.

Are you your personal Mona Lisa?