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Is an MBA a waste of time and money?

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Why is an MBA not hot anymore?

USA MBA schools see a fall in applications from 5-25%, this includes all the top schools, it is a clear sign for the education system. The demand is finally falling.

Spending 50k to 150k usd on MBA programs is not making sense today. The ROI is just not adding up.

Or maybe it is the job market?

Or maybe it is the immigration policy ?

On a serious note

The question to be asked is

Do we actually need degrees?

Spending 2 years of your life figuring out what to do instead may be a better use of time & money. Because most MBA’s even after passing out struggle to find out what to do in life & why? The problem remains even after they have worked 15-20 years.

A startup started with half that money maybe 100 times better even if you fail. You would have understood Business better than you would have learnt from an MBA, you would also learn to figure out yourself, what is it you want to do & why

Do you think an MBA is a wise investment?

Would spend that time with yourself be better?

Would learning live skills be better?

Would starting a startup be better?

Love to hear your thoughts!