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My journey to Linkedin Top Voices 2019: India

Stage 1: READER
2010: 2 Posts
2011: 12 Posts
2012: 3 Posts
2013: 3 Posts
2014: 8 Posts

Stage 2: WRITER: Writing one POST a week
2015: 53 Posts
2016: 41 Posts

Stage 3: STORYTELLER: One STORY a day
2017: 386 Stories (Posts): 30 Million Views
2018: 486 Stories(Posts): 50 Million Views
2019: 430 Stories(Posts): 45 Million Views

2017: 25k followers
2018: 75k followers
2019: 100k followers

A simple process I followed:


PICK what you love to do
STICK by following DOTS: Do One Thing Surely

DOTS for a hour
DOTS for a day
DOTS for a week (this is where the competition ends)
DOTS for a month
DOTS for a year
DOTS for a decade

I wasted a few decades to PICK:)
I was fearful.

I also failed to STICK since I was greedy.

In Stage 1 & Stage 2: 10k views in all:)
So this approach made me roughly 50,000 times better.

I also completed 10k hours of writing

For once in my life, I had only one GOAL
“To enjoy what I did”
Goals become limitations after a point


Have you found what to PICK?
Are you following DOTS?
Are goals limiting you?
Where are you Stuck?

P.S: I haven’t written a single article on Linkedin:)