You are currently viewing Day 25 of Lockdown: We Had A Few Job Offers Rolled Out & A Virtual Joining By One Of Our Clients

Day 25 of Lockdown: We had a few jobs offers rolled out & a virtual joining by one of our clients


Startups are beginning to hire for critical skills.
Sales & Tech are the 2 areas where hiring is happening.

We started our virtual internship program for MBA grads. We selected 6 from 500 applications from all the top schools. This is 10 times more applications than normal.

The number of job applications has gone up roughly 3 times. The number of job openings has gone down by 10 times.


We are noticing an interesting trend, both companies & employees are looking for brands.

Companies are looking for IIM/IIT grads because they are readily available at a lesser cost. The tag will help job seekers like never before.

Employees are looking for large companies for job security. The reality is most startups will hire first. Any company which is hiring today is either cash-rich or thinking long term. These are the companies that will be leaders in this market.

The virus seems under control, the curve begins to flatten, doubling in 8 days now, fatalities are mostly people who are sick & old.


For companies & job seekers 2020 should be a year to sharpen our axe. The virus is saying to us don’t get desperate & get into action.