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Chess – the game of concentration, strategy & changes, all contained within 64 boxes on a board, offers us a lot to learn.

These teachings encompass all avenues of our life.

Here is what we can learn:

  1. Zugzwang: If you play chess you will know that players often find themselves in situations where no matter what move they make, it will be a bad move. It’s a situation where one player is put at a disadvantage of being compelled to make a move that will put them in a weaker position.

What an insight one can draw from this!

In life, one often has to take such tough decisions where no one will be happy. You might often find yourself being forced to make choices that aren’t always beneficial to you.

It teaches you to be flexible & to adjust to situations that have no immediately perceivable solution. It teaches you to be agile & conscious that at some points in life, you will face dilemmas with no immediate win or solution.

  1. Chase Opportunities: Chess is the game of moves- the steps you take to win. Making the right move at the right opportunity helps you win the game of chess. Similarly in life, recognizing opportunities & working on them leads to a clear line of success.

By taking actions you can also create opportunities if you do not have one. Learn to be perceptive & quick-minded in your thinking abilities. Look for opportunities wherever you can find them & use them for your advantage.

  1. Do not get stuck: It is important to let go of any regret of the past to move ahead in the game because you have limited time. Playing with a purpose & having a bigger picture in mind is important.

Similarly in life, your purpose should help define your trajectory, not the other way round.

Even as our lives move forward, we often get stuck on the decisions we took in our past. But we need to understand that keeping regrets only holds us down. We need to let go off the old reins & grab on to the new ones that come our way.

What else can you learn from the game?