You are currently viewing How to write an effective E-Mail

We send a lot of e-mails every day, some are short with few lines, some are long with many paragraphs

But the question is – How many of these are actually effective?

Very few!

Here are few things to keep in mind to write effective e-mails:

  1. Right Subject Line – Ensure the subject line is crisp & is relevant to the body of your e-mail
  1. Positive Beginning – Always start with a pleasant & positive beginning. This makes one read the e-mail with a calm mind. Eg. Hope you had a great weekend
  1. Keep it Short – No one likes to read long e-mails as it takes a lot of time for one to go through all the details. Keep it short & structured
  1. Easy on the eyes – Make the e-mail look easy on the eyes. Do not clutter your content with texts only. Use Bullet Points, Hyperlinks, Underline/Bold fonts wherever needed
  1. ProofRead – Ensure you ProofRead your e-mail multiple times. No one likes spelling mistakes/typos. Get it Peer-Reviewed if needed
  1. Watch the Tone – Tone of an e-mail is not easy to assess, but the reader will have his/her thoughts after reading the mail. Do not use inflammatory words, Emojis, or too many exclamations. Also, never send a mail when you are angry/frustrated

What else would you like to add to this list?