You are currently viewing Irusu : The lights are on, but nobody’s home

There are times in life when toxic people, unwanted thoughts & unresolved emotions knock on the doors of your mind & ask you to let them in.

They say – they come bearing gifts.

They tell you they want to keep you company in the darkest hours of the night.

But the truth is you have had enough heartbreaks & dejections by now to know they mean no good.

They are here now, though & we have been taught it is bad manners to keep someone waiting for long.

Here is the dilemma, you see!

What would you choose? Yourself or what society has been feeding you.

This is where the Japanese concept of ‘Irusu’ embraces you as your guiding light.

‘Irusu’ which literally translates to “the lights are on, but nobody is home” is a simple concept which you can use as your saving grace against such bad energy.

It is the idea that even though the lights inside the house are switched on, nobody is inside to open the door & let in whoever/whatever it is so desperately trying to get in.

The idea is to not welcome everything/everyone that is trying to get inside your mind space.

It is okay to pretend to not be home sometimes.

It is okay to keep your doors locked & your lights on.

How do you conserve your energy?