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What comes to your mind when you hear the word ROAR?

Pretty sure you hear the roar of the Lion. Known as the King of the Jungle, Lions are among the strongest animals in the world & are the ultimate opportunists.

You might have watched documentaries on Lions, have you ever seen a lion giving up? No right?

They struggle to hunt & rule, fail several times but they never give up!

Many lions lose their reign & their family to other lions, but they never give up on life. They survive no matter what!

What can you learn from these lions?

  1. Move past Failures – Lions fail several times while hunting, but they never stop, they rather fine-tune their skills, try new methods & evolve. Similarly, each failure in your life teaches you to become better, to better your skills & to achieve excellence.
  2. Focus – Have you ever seen a lion making noise during hunting? No right? So, stop talking about your goals & focus on your actions. We often lose focus on our own goals with mundane distractions which cause a hindrance in our growth journey. Therefore, learn to remove those distractions & levy all your focus on your aims.
  3. Survival – When someone tries to take over their territory/life/family, they are always up for a fight. They focus on their survival. Similarly, focus on your own betterment & overcome your obstacles. There will always be someone you are competing against or someone who wants to take your focus off of your dreams, or who wants to pull you down. But you must never let them do that. Survive & thrive.
  4. Enjoy – Lions have tough & challenging days, but they always take time out for their family/pride & enjoy every minute. So, let go of your stress at the workplace & enjoy life with your loved ones. Yes, jobs can be exhausting at times. But nothing is more important than living your life to the fullest & caring for your loved ones.

What do you learn from Lions?